Samana has it all... real estate, nature, beaches and lifestyle...  


And we, Tony and Jeremie, as brokers with together almost 20 years of experience ONLY HERE IN SAMANA, can assist you in your way to find your piece of paradise. Your dream villa in Samana, Las Galeras or Las Terrenas… on the beach perhaps, or close by or perhaps with ocean view... Or that perfect piece of land you always dreamed off... We know Samana and its hidden corners as well and we can help you in getting to know Samana.

On our tour we can show you of course Las Terrenas but Samana in more than Las Terrenas. The large peninsula has many hidden germs and we know to find them and we will show them to you.

If you are looking to invest in property, purchase a villa, penthouse, apartment, townhouse, country property or building plots in Las Terrenas and throughout entire Samana please take a few moments to browse through our site to view our database of continuously updated properties in and around Samana.

With kind regards and hope we can welcome you in Samana,

Tony and Jeremie



The beauty of Samana...

So you ever dreamed of coconuts... Ok! In Samana we have the highest coconut density in the Caribbean. Wherever you take a look, walk or drive... you will see coconuts... and of course beaches. Samana has it all: mountains, waterfalls, rivers, beaches, cliffs, mountains and perfect natures with national parks.

So if you are looking for Punta Cana like all inclusive resorts... Sorry, but that is not here and will not come. The government will protect that. Everything in Samana is low density. That does not mena there are no hotels... but not the large ones which occupy entire beaches. Here in Samana one can go to whatever beach one likes and never more than a 5 minutes drive.

Do not forget our famous Bay of Samana where every year many thousands of whales are coming and playing... Playa Rincon, Playa el Valle and more. And on or close to all these spectacular beaches we can assist you in properties. Also for developers who are looking for larger tracks of land, or agriculture land or farm land.


Who we are:

Tony and Jeremie, dutch and french. Both proven professionals and providing the best information so you can make your proper decisions in your adquisition. Jeremie has a special french website: Immobilier Las Terrenas - Samana a vendre

We are dedicated to a high ideal: to continually provide you with a complete real estate service at all times and in all situations. And our services are free of charge for you as a buyer.



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